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Germany loses first place in global popularity

Since 2008, the BBC has been conducting a poll to see which countries are viewed the most positively. In the last 4 years, Germany has repeatedly topped the charts. This year however, Japan beat it out by a few percentage points. The change probably reflects the controversies that Germany has been involved in since last year, its insistence on austerity measures certainly included. But who can say in an anonymous poll like this? Much of the decreased approval seemed to come from other Western countries, which makes sense when you think about it. Approval from Spain dropped 14% and disapproval rose by 15%, which probably has to do with the cucumber scare from earlier last year. Whatever the sociopolitical reasons behind it, Germany is still very beloved. Only Pakistan viewed it more negatively than positively. As a matter of fact, only Canada was seen less negatively. It’s economy was cited as its biggest contribution to the world and its most positive influence. Its foreign policy was seen as its next biggest contribution, which also makes sense because of Germany’s overwhelmingly peaceful stance worldwide.

The poll itself is pretty interesting and is worth a look. The whole thing can be found here.


German Truck Art

I recently got sent a email that has apparently been floating around since at least 2005. It’s pretty cool, so I’m gonna share it with you all.

The skinny on the email is that these 7 pictures were entries for the 2005 Rhino Rolling Advertisement Award in Germany. Competing advertising companies could submit conceptualizations of what their ad truck might look like in real life, and the entries were voted on. The winners of the contest were then published on Rhino Rolling’s website here. A lot of them were very creative and clever so it’s not surprising that these photos are still floating around. What isn’t as well circulated is that some of these conceptualizations were actually made into real trucks for the award celebration.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners

Those are some pretty nice rides. Thanks to for researching the origins of the German Truck Art Email.

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