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Music Spotlight 2 — A-Trio

What does German indie rock sound like? When it has taste and style, it sounds like A-Trio. The band was formed in Magdeburg by André Weißkeller and has been around for a few years. They’ve done tons of shows and concerts so it’s amazing that they’re still struggling to make it. One reason may be that they had to change their band name in 2011 from Stayded, which may have obscured them a bit. They have one EP out there called Vorgeschriebene Ansichtssache which you can get at their website here.

Now that we have a bit of a biography here, let’s take a listen.

Did I mention that they’re from Magdeburg? They’re quite proud of this. Magdeburg State of Mind was done with Philipp Schmidt who appears to be involved to some degree with a number of German indie artists, including A-Trio. Or at least he was while they were known as Strayded (his own site doesn’t have their updated name). He also seems to have connections with the cheerleaders you saw in the last song. No, that wasn’t a sex joke. Apparently, Magdeburg has their own cheer squad known and mascots as the Guardian Angels. TIL. Here you can see them performing the song live with the Angels that’s pretty good.

Motifs like that are pretty cool for a German band considering their goofy American pop culture connotations. As a matter of fact you can see a lot of influences from that country in their music. My personal favorite of their songs is quite a bit more like American power rock than anything in Germany right now. Check out this jam:

It even has Football, not to be confused with that strange creature Fußball. ;)

Overall A-Trio is a great band with a lot of potential. They’re getting a little more attention then they used to and have had some live appearances on TV. I’m quite impressed with their stuff and their lead singers vocals. They have great showmanship and good beats. Want to see more of their stuff? Check out their sites:

Official Site




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